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13 May, Juan-les-Pins, France


More than 40 nuclear associations sign joint declaration calling for doubling the R&D funds for clean energy

More than 40 nuclear associations representing over 80,000 scientists have today called on the Clean Energy Ministerial Conference (CEM) which will be held in Vancouver later this month to commit to doubling public investment in nuclear-related R&D and innovation within the next five years. The associations said there should be a specific focus on innovative applications of advanced nuclear systems which can make possible the clean energy mix of the future.


The European Nuclear Society (ENS) has joined the international call for policymakers convening at the CEM event between 28 and 29 May to take nuclear innovation to a broad multilateral discussion at both the ministerial and working levels with the goal of unlocking nuclear energy’s full potential in national clean energy portfolios and its contribution towards global and national decarbonisation goals.


These factors have led the ENS to sign a joint declaration calling for increased policy support in the field of nuclear R&D and innovation in partnership with many national, regional and international scientific societies, as well as numerous technical organisations dedicated to the development and peaceful use of nuclear technologies.






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